[WG: I18N & L10N] [cle-release-team] Merging issues with i18n components question

Jean-Francois Leveque jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr
Fri Apr 13 01:41:24 PDT 2012

On 12/04/2012 17:32, Aaron Zeckoski wrote:
> I would vote for merging this into 2.9 now. Surely the 2.9
> translations have not already been done right?
> -AZ

Some have already been done if not already submitted.

String Freeze date was 2011-09-20, please check 

Translators need time to work on translations and merging a UI text 
change would break those translations.

As a general rule I would vote against such changes it because of this 
useful rule. In this case, there is another solution than merging those 

https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-19831 has already been merged 
into 2.9 and solves the issue.

So I'm removing the merge request from 


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