[Contrib: Evaluation System] QA5 Database Refresh

Beth Kirschner bkirschn at umich.edu
Mon Aug 13 08:32:50 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

   The QA5 server is currently running the Sakai 2.9 b03 _plus_ the Evaluations 1.4 tagged release. We have found an serious problem with Evaluations that's reproducible on the QA5 server, but we're not sure of the trigger (https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/EVALSYS-1269). We will be wiping the database this afternoon in an effort to determine exactly what triggers this error. The problem is not reproducible with a clean database, but some action along the line causes evaluations to consistently fail. Because of this, we'd like to limit the number of users with admin access to QA5 and will be using a non-standard admin password for the next couple of days.

   Please let me know asap if you'd like us to delay the database refresh of QA5, otherwise we'll proceed with it this afternoon.

- Beth

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