[Contrib: Evaluation System] EVALSYS Merge Process & Planning Meeting Request

Sean DeMonner demonner at umich.edu
Fri Oct 9 09:47:12 PDT 2009

Sakai EVALSYS Users,

Over the past couple of months we've had a few meetings to discuss  
the merging of changes from a local branch (specifically the U-M  
branch) back to the 2.6 EVALSYS trunk and how that work should be  
orchestrated with the rest of the community.

This email is an attempt to schedule the next in that series of  
technical meetings.

Please indicate at the following Doodle poll your availability to  
attend a conference call:


I will send out a meeting confirmation once we have a critical mass  
that can settle on a time.

Proposed Agenda:

1. Continued review of proposed U-M merges (please *preview* the  
proposed changes before the meeting)

	- http://confluence.sakaiproject.org//x/9Q-tAw

2. U-M's Phase II project high-level scope

3. Pending merges from other institutions

4. Next steps:
	- next technical/merge coordination meeting
	- progress on documentation/product/project management  coordination  



Sean DeMonner, IT Senior Project Manager, CTools Implementation Group
Digital Media Commons @ The Duderstadt Center, U-M      (734) 615-9765
Pub Key 24DD6B09

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