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Andrew Petro apetro at unicon.net
Mon Mar 30 09:29:16 PDT 2009


The QA list is probably the wrong place for this question, but it was an 
interesting enough question that I felt compelled to answer it.

No, Sakai doesn't ship with any particular support for OpenId, but it 
also doesn't need to, because Sakai ships with support for deferring to 
the web container for authentication, so one might OpenId-enable Sakai 
in a way quite similar to the way one CASifies it or Shibbolizes it -- 
by configuring it to defer to container authentication and then 
installing the appropriate Apache module, for instance, a layer up.

And here's the KBA that says that, in the hopes that future seekers will 
be slightly better off in finding this information:



PS: My understanding is that questions about using Sakai, such as this 
question, are most welcome on the sakai-user@ email list.

Matthew Lye wrote:
> Im looking at putting together a Sakai setup, but cannot find any 
> information on if it supports OpenID or not.
> At the moment its a toss up between Sakai and Moodle. Any comments?
> -Matthew Lye
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