[WG: Sakai QA] Sakai-2.6.0-rc01 - URGENT QA Request - Additional Resource - FIXED LINK

Pete Peterson plpeterson at ucdavis.edu
Fri Apr 24 13:26:53 PDT 2009

Fixed the link (switched to "Tiny Link" instead), sorry for the confusion.


I have posted a new page, Bug Fixes - Sakai 2.6.0 beta03 - rc01<http://confluence.sakaiproject.org/confluence/x/aQE2Aw>, which, as the title infers, chronicles the changes, fixes and modifications that have been committed since the release of Sakai 2.6.0-beta03. Hopefully this list, and lists like this,  will provide helpful in your testing regimes.

Good luck, good hunting, and thank you all for the help,

Pete Peterson
QA Director, Sakai Foundation
plpeterson at ucdavis.edu
Phone: +1-530-754-7259

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