[WG: Sakai QA] [Building Sakai] KNL-155/SAK-16036/SAK-800: Resources archive filehandling issues

Anthony Whyte arwhyte at umich.edu
Mon Apr 20 07:33:51 PDT 2009

I've solicited the opinions of Ray and Ian (two other K1 committers)  
on the matter.  Commenting out the property wrap and removing the  
property from *.sakai.properties will take me 2 minutes so it's not a  
big deal to commit those minor changes so that we can proceed with rc  
01 if that is decided.



On Apr 20, 2009, at 9:55 AM, Seth Theriault wrote:

> Seth Theriault wrote:
>> I think that the "properties" approach sets an extremely bad
>> precedent. Broken and incomplete code should NEVER be knowingly
>> released, plain and simple.
> While not backing away from this overall position, I think the
> "commenting" approach would be best here to protect folks from
> themselves and allow more time for a complete implementation. If
> the mechanics for commenting have to happen for RC2, that's OK by
> me.
> Seth

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