[Deploying Sakai] Ask the community: Your institution and Sakai bug reports

Adam Marshall adam.marshall at it.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 30 10:34:03 PST 2015

We look at bug reports where a user was logged in when it was generated. You can browse quite a lot of our Sakai without being logged in.

I generally only follow it up if the user has left a comment. I rarely get a response from the user and have never been able to isolate a problem this way.

Having said that I think it gives users confidence if someone reads their comments and gets in touch so I don't view it as a waste of time.

When we moved to sakai 10 we lost the stack traces from the bug report. This made them less useful. I don't know whether its something we did or a new feature.


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On 30 Jan 2015 17:45, Shawn Foster <sfoster9 at uwo.ca> wrote:
Some questions about Sakai bug reports:

1. Does your instance of Sakai generate bug reports?

2. How does your institution deal with bug reports generated from Sakai?

3. Does someone at your institution read/monitor the bug report email?

4. Do you follow up with your users who leave comments?

5. Do you follow up with your users who don't leave comments but who
cause a bug report?

Thanks for your opinions and anecdotes,

Shawn Foster
eLearning Technology Support and Application Development
Information Technology Services
Western University
London, Ontario, Canada
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