[Deploying Sakai] Delegated Access Site Properties

Ray, Drew drray at wfu.edu
Fri Sep 5 04:34:44 PDT 2014

We are on Sakai 2.9.3 and have installed the Delegated Access and Hierarchy
tools.  I have been able to use the default properties of School,
Department and Subject to demonstrate the tool.  I'm going to be creating a
program to mass populate the properties onto our existing sites and we've
got a pretty good plan for that.

My question is regarding new sites as they are created.  We don't
pre-provision sites for our courses.  Our faculty and their support staff
create the sites as needed (many of our instructors don't use Sakai).

We've considered:

   - Using batch scripts run periodically to add the properties.
   - Using DB triggers (We use Oracle...I'm not sure if MySql has
   triggers).  It doesn't look like Sakai makes a lot of use if triggers, so
   I'm not sure that's the best approach.
   - Modifying the Site creation screen to have the site creators have to
   add these properties as they are making the site.

I'd appreciate anyone sharing how they are adding the site properties that
support their delegated access properties?

Thank you,

Drew Ray
Application Administrator, Lead
Wake Forest University
drray at wfu.edu
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