[Deploying Sakai] OSP and Sakai 10

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Who is a "few quarters"?

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Subject: [Deploying Sakai] OSP and Sakai 10

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Hey All,

>From a few quarters, what I'm hearing is that for Sakai 10 probably no OSP issues will be considered blockers. And for OSP issues which do get fixed, we need some QA commitment so that we can verify the patches, otherwise even getting in those patches could be a problem, from a risk perspective.

Any thoughts on this? Anybody leading the charge on the current OSP tool in Core or willing to step up and lead OSP QA?

As an FYI, there is an exciting effort to develop a new portfolio tool - https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/OSP/Portfolios+for+the+Future+of+Sakai

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