[Deploying Sakai] Linking Content vs. Uploading

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Mon Feb 3 14:06:20 PST 2014



I am testing Sakai and have it up and running with MySQL 5.5 on Windows.  I
went through some of the testing creating a portfolio site, project site,
and course.  I would like to make a course that has six or 12 weeks or
modules which includes video content.  I have modified the sakai.properties
file to set the limit to 2000 MB but anything larger than ~50 MB fails when
I try to upload it.  The content is actually on the same server that is
running sakai and I would rather just link to the files instead of storing
them twice.  But I don't know enough about the configuration to allow this
or if it is storing the content in SQL so I can't just link it.


So my questions are is there something I am missing about allowing larger
files to upload?  And can I just link to the media files instead of storing
them twice on disk?



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