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Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Fri Aug 22 10:47:34 PDT 2014

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[will be x-posting less technical version of release announcement]

Dear Techies,

The Sakai Core Team is happy to publish Sakai 10.1 for general 
availability (aka production)! Congratulations worldwide team! You did
an awesome job.

Sakai 10.1 builds on the solid work of the Sakai 10.0 release. Sakai 
10.1 includes almost 200 fixes. Some of the highlights include:

* Elastic Search upgrade from 0.9.0 to 1.1.2 and removal of legacy Search
* IMS Common Cartridge 1.3 support within Lessons. This makes IMS CC in 
Sakai capable of exchanging data with Moodle, Blackboard, and Canvas.
* Over a dozen security fixes.
* A number of updates to French and Chinese translations and about 1 1/2 
dozen internationalization fixes including full i18n support in the Peer 
review feature of Lessons.
* Improved handling of deleted groups in the Assignments tool.
* Basic validation to Single Uploaded File option to prevent students 
submitting an empty assignment.
* Performance improvement in Forums
* Significant fixes to Forum Rank feature
* Gradebook row highlighting, for easier grading.
* Close to a dozen Accessibility fixes.
* Ability to remove an entire help category (like OSP).

One regression (compared to 10.0) :
https://jira.sakaiproject.org/browse/SAK-26260 - Roster is not displayed 
in default site language but in user language

10.1 tag: svn co
https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/sakai/tags/sakai-10.1 10.1

Release notes (look for the Sakai 10.1 changes section)

Artifacts for download
Demo: The Sakai Demo is a pre-built version of Sakai with Apache Tomcat
and a simple configuration, perfect for a quick and easy demo of Sakai.
The Sakai demo is NOT intended for large scale implementations. It is
suitable only for evaluating the software, exploring features (i.e.
property settings), and running small pilot implementations on a single

Win -

Mac/ *nix -

Binary: The Sakai Binary is a pre-built version of Sakai without Apache
Tomcat, jar dependencies, or extra configuration files. Download the
Binary release if you want to just drop the Sakai bundle into a
pre-existing Tomcat environment.

Win -

Mac/ *nix -

Source: Start from Source if you plan to make any code-level changes to
your Sakai system.

Win -

Mac/ *nix -

The Sakai 10 series is licensed under the: Educational Community License 
version 2.0 (which is very similar to Apache license v.2)

Best regards,

Neal Caidin

Sakai Community Coordinator
neal.caidin at apereo.org
Skype: nealkdin

Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator
Apereo Foundation
neal.caidin at apereo.org
Skype me! (but let me know in advance for the first interaction) - nealkdin

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