[Deploying Sakai] Registration is now open for the Sakai Virtual Conference 2014!

Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Fri Aug 1 14:28:54 PDT 2014


Sakai Virtual Conference 2014

Bridging Education with Technology

November 7, 2014 - Online

http://virtconf.apereo.org/  #SakaiVC14

Register now! Registration is open for the Sakai Virtual Conference. 
Registration is $50 per person, with all proceeds going toward Sakai 
feature development. Attendees will have the opportunity to provide 
input on the enhancements they would like to see in Sakai. Lunch coupons 
and promotional items will be provided by our sponsors, and will be 
mailed to participants prior to the event.

The Sakai Virtual Conference will take place entirely online on Friday, 
November 7, 2014.  You'll attend presentations in concurrent session 
webinar rooms, ask the presenters live questions, and get the conference 
experience without the expense of travel. There will be opportunities 
for networking and informal discussions, as well as a chance to win 
prizes donated by our sponsors. The "conference location" will be in 
Sakai, and we will be using Sakai tools such as Forums, Lessons, Chat, 
Sign-Up etc. to facilitate interaction among attendees. If you are 
comfortable in Sakai, you will easily engage in this virtual experience.

The program is still being finalized, but it will include a Spanish 
track as well as a variety of presentations in English. There will be 
information sessions, as well as interactive, small-group discussions. 
Find out how your peers are using Sakai at their institutions! 
Presentations will focus on effective teaching and learning practices, 
online pedagogy, and engaging students using technology.

The Sakai Virtual Conference is a unique opportunity to network with 
your peers and share stories and best practices in an online venue.

Register today <http://virtconf.apereo.org/home/registration>and stay 
tuned for publication of the full program!


Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, Apereo Foundation

Neal Caidin, Sakai Community Coordinator, Apereo Foundation

Wilma Hodges, Sakai Virtual Conference 2014 Planning Committee Chair*

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