[Deploying Sakai] Hurry, Hurry! Get your favorite bug fixes into Sakai 10!

Neal Caidin neal.caidin at apereo.org
Fri Apr 18 05:53:02 PDT 2014

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Time is running out, test bugs that have been fixed so that they can get 
into Sakai 10!

We are likely one or two QA iterations away from our Sakai 10 release 
candidate. There are issues that are ALREADY FIXED, but that DOES NOT 
MEAN that they will get into Sakai 10. These Jiras need QA verification 
before we merge them into the Sakai 10 branch. Now is the time to peruse 
the list of issues needing testing and pick out those Jiras [1] which 
are important to you make sure that they get into Sakai 10. I recommend 
that if there is a tool that is important to your institution, that you 
peruse the list and identify Jiras that could add a lot of value for 
you. If you need help browsing the list or getting an issue QA tested, 
that's what I'm here for.

In addition, we had two successful Bug Bashes this week, we can schedule 
more for next week. See, and fill out, the Doodle poll below [2].  A Bug 
Bash is a great way to get support from fellow testers over screen 
sharing or just chatting ( a lot of times we just chat).

We do have other testing needs as well. Feel free to look at the Sakai 
10.0-QA06 Test Plan [3]. But if you do nothing else, peruse the "10 
Merge list that needs QA" [1].

[1] 10 Merge list that needs QA  - 

[2] Bug Bash Doodle poll - https://doodle.com/745n5myygzsyf9pp

[3] Full test plan for Sakai 10.0-QA06 - 

Thanks and Happy Friday!


Neal Caidin
Sakai Community Coordinator
Apereo Foundation
neal.caidin at apereo.org
Skype me! (but let me know in advance for the first interaction) - nealkdin

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