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Mon Oct 21 03:24:51 PDT 2013

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Hi All,

Many, but maybe not all, of you are aware that we are planning the next release of Sakai. Part of defining the Scope of Sakai CLE 2.10 (interim name, which may or may not change, fyi), is deciding which features ALREADY IN Sakai should be turned on by default. Please take a look and feel free to chime in with your comments by Wednesday evening, October 23. Silence on a property equals consent to proceed. Feel free to add a comment if there is a property you think should be turned on by default but is not listed.


A little more background - it is not uncommon for new features to be added to Sakai but turned off by default. This gives the community a chance to see how new features perform in production for those institutions which turn on the feature.  If a property/feature is turned off by default, chances are your institution can choose to keep it off by overriding the default in properties, normally an almost trivial procedure (if you know which properties to use!). 


Neal Caidin
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