[Deploying Sakai] CLE 2.9.2-RC03 - Wednesday testing only

Neal Caidin nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Tue May 21 11:38:27 PDT 2013

Hi All,


Sakai CLE 2.9.2-RC03 has been released.  We are only planning a "kick the tires" testing. Suggestions are on the Test Fest page above and I did create a Google doc. Primarily, if you run into any potential blocker issues, please let the email list(s) know as soon as possible so that it can be triaged.

Testing is for Wednesday only. 

Pending approval by the TCC (Technical Coordination Committee) and the completion of RC03 testing, we will proceed with packaging the CLE 2.9.2 release!

Keep your fingers crossed.


Neal Caidin

Sakai CLE Community Coordinator
nealcaidin at sakaifoundation.org
Skype: nealkdin
AIM: ncaidin at aol.com

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