[Deploying Sakai] ORA-03137: TTC Protocol Internal Error : [12333] Using JDBC Driver [ID 752297.1]"

David Adams da1 at vt.edu
Thu May 16 03:58:13 PDT 2013

We ran into this error a lot in the past. To the point of hundreds a
day sometimes. Here's an article that has a possible solution:

Our DBAs spent weeks talking to Oracle about this three years ago when
we first started seeing it, and Oracle mentioned the same setting. The
downside is that it potentially slows down some queries. We never
ended up trying it, though. Ultimately our problem was mostly solved
when we acquired new database hardware that wasn't completely
overloaded by Sakai. We still see the error from time to time but it
went from a daily occurrence down to a rare thing. Only on seven days
in the past year have we seen the error at all, and the total
incidences this year is fewer than a single day often saw on the old

David Adams
Director, Systems Integration and Support
Virginia Tech Learning Technologies

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 4:34 AM, Yasir Arfat <yasir.arfat at nu.edu.pk> wrote:
> We are using
> Sakai 2.8.2
> Oracle 11.2     32bit
> Window server 2008 64bit
> Oracle driver Odbc6
> From few days Oracle are producing the following error, did any one found
> this error with oracle 11.2 and saka 2.8.2.
> ORA-03137: TTC Protocol Internal Error : [12333] Using JDBC Driver [ID
> 752297.1]"
> We try to search this error , but could not find specific reason.
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