[Deploying Sakai] Sakora-csv incremental upload?

Yi Zhu zhuy at wfu.edu
Thu May 9 14:14:47 PDT 2013

Dear All,


Many of you probably are already familiar with Simple Sakai SIS services
(sakora-csv) and are aware of the slow performance of any full batch upload.
We are currently investigating a way to improve the process and potentially
make multiple loads during normal business hours. In our research, we
realized that some recent changes in sakora-csv may make the incremental
update possible. For example, CsvUploadServlet.java now accepts additional
HTTP request parameters They are userRemovalMode=true|false,
ignoreMembershipRemovals=true|false, and ignoreMissingSessions=true|false.


Given the fact that the last update in SVN trunk was Feb 20, 2013, does
anyone know whether the development work is complete?


Are following Curl parameters all we need to submit an "incremental" batch

-F "ignoreMissingSessions=true" -F "ignoreMembershipRemovals=true" -F


Any help would be really appreciated!


PS, link to sakora-csv ---



Best Regards,

Yi Zhu

Analyst/Programmer, Senior

IS - Applications Development

Wake Forest University

1834 Wake Forest Rd

zhuy at wfu.edu



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