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Hi All,

Apereo Foundation conference planners are exploring the concept of "Matchmaking". That is, finding institutions with similar interests to have time and space to get together at the conference and discuss, maybe to swap ideas, maybe to form connections within the community, or perhaps even to collaborate on one or more projects or sub-projects. Does that sound like something of interest to you? 

Likely we will be tying this into the registration process and we would like to keep this experiment as simple and organic as possible. 

A couple of ideas of how this might work which have been floated, included badges or stickers which you could wear at the conference and find others with similar badges for spontaneous break out discussions, or more facilitated discussions by pre-matching individuals/institutions with similar self-identified interests and handling the scheduling of a time and space for you to meet. 

Questions collected at registration time could be anything from freeform keywords or tags, through a few structured questions to get a high level sense of which sub-community you have the most interest in (Sakai CLE, Sakai OAE, JASIG, New incubation project, etc), or even a combination of these two approaches. 

Does anybody have any thoughts on what might work or what to avoid? How to keep it simple, but at the same time make it a useful exercise? 

One thought I have is anticipating many institutions moving to Sakai CLE 2.9 in the near future, and perhaps a group that shares information about their own planning efforts could provide and receive benefit among peer institutions (a cohort of upgrade schools).

Would really appreciate any feedback you may have. Brainstorm.  


Neal Caidin

Sakai CLE Community Coordinator
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