[Deploying Sakai] Hardware Recommendations

Sam Ottenhoff ottenhoff at longsight.com
Fri Sep 7 09:54:16 PDT 2012

> App Servers are Two Xeons with 12M RAM
> DB Servers start with Two Xeons and 24M of RAM

Use enterprise SSD drives or FusionIO (http://www.fusionio.com/) drives and
you won't have to worry about database performance.

> In terms of growth of load, each app server (with 2 CPUs and 12M of RAM)
> supports 1000 logged in users.

Sounds right

> For each 1000 logged in users I will add 0.5 CPUs and 4M of RAM to my DB
> servers.  My initial DB server above will support 2000 logged in users and
> above 2000 I need to start adding RAM and CPUs.
> Is this model reasonable as a first approximation or is it crazy?  From my
> conversations I might be able to use 8GB RAM for the App Servers and maybe
> I need a touch more CPU per 1000 users on the DB side.

Disk speed (random reads / random writes) seems more important than
upgrading CPU on the database side.

Approximations sound  about right... maybe 50% more RAM per additional 1k
students than you have budgeted.

> I am still going round-n-round in my mind Oracle versus MySql.  If one
> requires far more or less hardware per logged in user - it might push me in
> a particular direction.

Oracle seems to handle some legacy sub-selects better.... a lot more
attention on MySQL from developers..... I don't think you will notice a big
difference in performance.

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