[Deploying Sakai] Sakai Backup

Biku Shrestha blshrestha at mum.edu
Thu Sep 6 12:25:05 PDT 2012


We are using Sakai 2.8. We want to backup all data in Sakai. We are backing up Sakai database and /sakai/files folder  using following command:

Database backup: mysqldump -u user -p sakai > sakaidump.sql
/Sakai/files folder: tar pzcvf sakaibackup.tgz .

1.       Are there any other folders to be backed up?

2.       Is there a simple script or Sakai feature which can backup  and restore all Sakai data ?

3.       Is there a way to backup and restore individual site by admin as well as by instructor?

Thank you.


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