[Deploying Sakai] Activating LDAP support in a binary installation and user membership

Fernando Laudares Camargos fernando at revolutionlinux.com
Wed Nov 14 09:49:47 PST 2012

Thank you Matthew, Sam, for pointing the way out.

Indeed, I did found the necessary files (jldap-beans.xml and components.xml) under /opt/tomcat/components/sakai-provider-pack/WEB-INF. Once I'll be able to make the changes I'll post back and add a comment in Steve's procedure stating how to proceed if you're not building from the sources.

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It doesn't look like there's any code changes, so in the demo and binary the files that doc mentions should be in components/sakai-provider-pack/WEB-INF 

You should be able to just modify them in place and restart. 

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 11:54 AM, Fernando Laudares Camargos < fernando at revolutionlinux.com > wrote: 


I've read Steve Swinsburg procedure on how to add LDAP support to Sakai ( https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/~steve.swinsburg/LDAP+in+Sakai+2.5 ). It worked great. Now I'm wondering wether I can activate LDAP support in a Sakai server that has been installed with the software binaries - would it be possible or would I need to rebuild it from the sources ? 

An LDAP annuary looks to be central to the implementation of any medium-to-big infrastructure, so I do believe it must be possible to handle user memeberships within Sakai through LDAP (defining which user can access which sites) - but I'm having a hard time finding references to it, altough the good documentaiton available. 

Thank you, 

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