[Deploying Sakai] New Enhanced Features for Sakai CLE Textbook Tool

Maneesha Aggarwal Maneesha at columbia.edu
Mon Jun 11 02:32:34 PDT 2012

Columbia University is pleased to announce a set of enhanced 
features for the Sakai CLE Textbook tool, originally developed by 
the University of Michigan. These new features allow instructors 
and administrators to upload textbook information into courses 
and allow students to easily access the information.

Using the enhanced tool, course instructors are able to:

* Search for textbooks by ISBN against an external service (e.g., 

* Save search results as "required" or "recommended" textbooks 
for a course

* Add textbook information manually if a search yields no results 
or if the ISBN is not available

* Import textbook information from a CSV file or previously 
taught course

Administrators and support staff are able to:

* Upload textbook information for multiple courses/sections at 
one time

* Send reminders to instructors who need to post textbook information

* Monitor courses for institutional compliance

These features were originally developed for Columbia's legacy 
Prometheus course-management system and have been very 
well-received by the local community. Details of Columbia's 
enhanced features are available at:


We will be presenting the new features and doing a live demo 
today at the conference in Atlanta:

Date/Time: Monday, June 11, 2012 3:45PM- 4:45PM

Room: Conference Center Room 2 (7th Floor)

Look forward to seeing you there.


Maneesha Aggarwal,PhD
Director, Teaching and Learning Applications

Columbia University IT

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