[Deploying Sakai] Advanced Delegated Access tool for Sakai CLE 2.8.2+ and 2.9.0+

Maneesha Aggarwal Maneesha at columbia.edu
Thu Jun 7 12:11:53 PDT 2012

Dear Fellow Sakai Users,

Columbia University is pleased to announce the release of an 
advanced Delegated Access tool for the Sakai CLE.

The Delegated Access tool allows administrative controls to be 
delegated to local support staff without being listed on the 
roster. The tool can be used to grant access and privileges for 
sites to any user on a global or lesser level (school, 
department, subject area, or limited to a few courses) based on 
an institution's course hierarchy. In addition, privileges may be 
further limited to "edit" (similar to the Instructor role) or 
"view" and to individual tools within course sites.

The Delegated Access tool has been used in production at Columbia 
since September 2011. It is used by administrators and support 
staff to support more than 30,000 users.

The Delegated Access tool was conceived of and designed by 
Columbia University and was developed by The Longsight Group 
under contract. Bryan Holladay of Longsight is the lead 
developer. The tool is licensed under the Educational Community 
License, Version 2.0.

More information and screen shots are available on the Confluence 

In addition, we will be presenting the tool and doing a live demo 
at the conference in Atlanta:

Date/Time: Wednesday, June 13, 2012, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Room: Tower 1403

*Release 1.0.0 tag & 1.0.x branch*
The 1.0.0 tag release is ready to be deployed and is scheduled 
for this week.

The 1.0.x maintenance branch is available at 

*Getting it to work on your instance:*
Delegated Access is capable of running in Sakai 2.8.2+ and Sakai 
2.9.0+ without any patches to core tools.

  Please reference 
(header "Building") for more instructions and for earlier 
versions of Sakai.

  Once it's built, look how to set up the tool at 

The jira project is named Contrib: Delegated Access and has a 
prefix of "DAC"


*Live Demo:*
-log into http://nightly2.sakaiproject.org:8085/portal
username: admin
pw: admin

-Add "Delegated Access" to your My Workspace.  (you have to do 
this through the "Worksite Setup" tool in MyWorkspace or 
Administration Workspace)

-Go to tool and click "Search Users"

-Search for yourself (or another user you want to grant access 
to) and click their ID.  This is where you can grant access to 
specific nodes in the hierarchy.  Checking the boxes will enable 
the permissions.  Doing this enables additional options in the 
tool which will show up when reloaded.

Thank you and look forward to seeing you in Atlanta
Maneesha Aggarwal

Maneesha Aggarwal,PhD
Director, Teaching and Learning Applications

Columbia University IT

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