[Deploying Sakai] Installing OAE v1.1 from source

Behrooz Nobakht b.nobakht at hmsolutions.nl
Sat Feb 11 00:38:43 PST 2012

Dear Sakai Project team,

First, please correct me if I'm sending this message to a wrong mailing
list. And, I think finding straightforward documentation for different
Sakai is a bit difficult indeed.

I am trying to install an instance of OAE. I check out the source for
"nakamura" and "3akai-ux" from GitHub. Both of the source projects build
and install in a local Maven repository.

Based on the documentation, I just start the application using a command
line (java -jar). It seems that I should expect to see the application when
accessing http://myserver:8080/.
I should that, however, I can see Apache Sling console at

What am I missing?
And, when I build 'nakamura', does it also include the UX loader? If not,
how to do so?

Thanks in advance,

Behrooz Nobakht
HM Solutions** - www.hmsolutions.nl
M: +31(0)611725439 | T: +31(0)343432526 | F: +31(0)343432566

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