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Aaron Zeckoski azeckoski at unicon.net
Thu Apr 26 10:06:09 PDT 2012

Just a quick reminder that the Ian and the TCC would like to have
received all submissions for this position by tomorrow (Friday 16
April). Original posting is below.

Following the complete transition of a key member of staff from the
Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment to the Sakai Open
Academic Environment, the Sakai Foundation is pleased to advertise the
following post:

Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment Community Coordinator
Full-time position (40 hours / week expected)

Core Responsibility:
To ensure the continued high quality and timeliness of Sakai CLE
releases, on a schedule that is appropriate for institutions depending
on the CLE worldwide.

Salary: In the range $80,000-$120,000

Required priorities (in order from most to least important):

1.     Community coordination - Attend (and lead when necessary) the
weekly CLE team / release meeting and organize other meetings as
necessary (security meeting, JIRA triage, contributed patches review).
Provide periodic announcements and meeting summaries to the community
(and TCC) via established communication channels.

2.     Security coordination - Monitor CLE security issues via
established Sakai Community security protocols and send out alerts and
security emails. Keep track of what is fixed, what is outstanding, and
what others have said they would fix. Follow up with community
resources to ensure issues are resolved and tested. Manage the list of
security contacts.

3.     QA coordination - Provide QA team with outline of testing needs
and provide mechanisms/scaffolding for the QA team to track progress.
Identify QA resources in the community to assist with testing.
Provide QA status updates to the CLE team and community. Work with the
CLE and QA teams to determine when a release is sufficiently tested
and ready for release. Undertake QA testing to fill in gaps or backup
the rest of the QA team when necessary.

4.     CLE JIRA issue management - Work with the CLE team to review
outstanding blocker/critical tickets for the upcoming release using
the Sakai Community JIRA issue tracking instance. Follow up with
developers who are assigned to fix issues and ensure they are resolved
in a timely manner. Identify community resources to resolve issues
that are unassigned (review the list of unassigned issues at least
once a month). Assist with review of incoming JIRA tickets and ensure
issues are not stagnating.

5.     Infrastructure support - Oversee and ensure that there is
adequate support coverage for Sakai Foundation/Community
infrastructure and provide backup coverage as necessary. Current
systems include: mailing list management (mailman), version tracking
system (SVN), issue tracker (JIRA), wiki (confluence), continuous
integration (Jenkins), etc.

6.     Documentation management – Cleanup and management of the Sakai
wiki space and release documentation. Identify out of date information
and follow-up with community authors to update information or move it
to an archive. Assist with confluence cleanup and documentation
updates (especially around releases and community volunteering) as

7.     Licensing management - Ensure that corporate and individual
Sakai CLE contributors have executed Corporate Contributor License
Agreements (CCLA) and Contributor License Agreements (CLA). Conduct
periodic license audits of Sakai CLE software to ensure conformity to
requirements of the ECL (the open source license used by the CLE

It will be helpful for this position to be able to provide backup for
branch management, issue resolution (Sakai development), and other
technical work, however, that is not a primary responsibility.
Initially little (if any) technical work is expected; working with and
learning from the current technical community will be expected,

This position will report to the Sakai Foundation Executive Director
but will receive direction and be expected to work closely with the
Sakai CLE TCC (Technical Coordination Committee).

Desired qualifications:
●      Extensive familiarity with the Sakai CLE product
●      Experience working within, and communicating with the Sakai community
●      Experience administering and supporting services (e.g. JIRA, Mailman)
●      Familiarity with the Sakai CLE source code
●      Experience working with open source software and communities
●      Experience of, and comfort with, remote working
●      Comfortable with public speaking and meeting facilitation

Applications should be made to Ian Dolphin, Executive Director, the
Sakai Foundation, by email at iandolphin at sakaifoundation.org . They
should contain a complete curriculum vitae, and a short supporting
statement detailing experience in the required areas.

Closing date: 27th April
Ian Dolphin

Aaron Zeckoski

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