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Thank you for the info!

I don’t think there is any real info about the updates (and each version) however more than for example the “Notes” under “indie” services. I’m more interested in for example what each version of the emailtemplateservice<https://source.sakaiproject.org/svn/emailtemplateservice/tags/emailtemplateservice-0.4.8/> do.

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Visit: https://confluence.sakaiproject.org/display/REL/Release+Management+Working+Group

Click on the releases tab and then click on the 2.7-related links.



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We’re running sakai 2.7.X and sometimes when a svn update are made the version numbers in master-pom changes.
Does anyone know if there is a site with information regarding this external updates and what each version do in Sakai?
I think it’s difficult to understand what the new version numbers do without some kind of info for it!
I’ve tried to search for this information but unfortunately can’t find it anywhere!

Anders Nordkvist
University College of Skövde

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