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Kevin Chan kevin at media.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 7 07:54:45 PDT 2011

Hi Naira,

Sorry for not catching your email earlier, but I believe you are running 
into the following issue:

I believe the reason why some sites do not work is possibly any one or a 
combination of the following:
a) when an instructor attempts to "Download All" or "Release Grades" 
with "All Sections/Groups" selected AND a student has submitted an 
assignment prior to dropping the course
b) when multiple rosters are combined in one course site or if one 
roster has more than 200 students enrolled

Reason a) was submitted by University of North Carolina against 2.6.3 in 
November 2010 (and is in the original description of the above ticket) 
while reason b) was just added as a comment by University of Virginia today.

I believe there was also a bit of an attempt to workaround the "Download 
All" issue with:

Whereby a "Download All" link (that works) will appear after a failed 
"Download All" attempt, so you might want to see if this link appears 
after a failed attempt. Unfortunately, I do not think this fix made it 
into Sakai 2.7.1 release, so you may need to patch it yourself (it's in 
the 2.7.x branch at revision 92331) or wait until 2.7.2 comes out.

Finally, I have just asked Zhen to see if she can make the workaround 
text of SAK-19782 a bit more prominent as the font for the text does not 
really stand out and thus, our instructors completely misses it and then 
calls our support staff anyways.

Hope that helps.

   Kevin Chan

   Operations Team
   Educational Technology Services
   University of California, Berkeley

On 9/6/2011 11:04 PM, Naira Farooq wrote:
> Dear All,
> I emailed before as Well Please Help. Thanks to Zhen that he replied 
> But I am unable to sort out what is happening
>>>     there is an issue... We have deployed sakai 2.7.1 and taken
>>>     assignment submission of a course. 114 assignments have been
>>>     submitted but "Download All" button is not working. it gives
>>>     option to to choose what sort of download we want.
>>>     but when we select "all" or "anything selected item" like
>>>     "attached files in submission only" then it do not give the file
>>>     saving option and do not download any file. Please help in this
>>>     regard.. Am i missing some setting of assignments tool in
>>>     properties file or what has happened.
> The problem is getting complicated regarding Assignment tool. Teachers 
> here at FAST Pakistan, are complaining and I am unable to answer that 
> what actually is happening :(
> The issue is for some sites the button works and for some it do not at 
> times it happens that in same site if 2 assignments are added with 
> same settings still for 1 the download all button works and for other 
> it do not work. I Just wanted to know that what actually the bug is? 
> what is the problem? Why is this happening?
> --
> Regards
> Naira Farooq | Software Engineer
> National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences
> A.K. Brohi Road H11/4 Islamabad 44000 Pakistan
> Phone: +92-51-111-128-128 Ext 344
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