[Deploying Sakai] Cleanup users' subscriptions when they are not provided anymore

Raad Al-Rawi ra273 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 20 09:01:47 PDT 2011

Hi J-F

We run a similar setup, and had to modify parts of sakai-site-manage-util
and sakai-site-manage-tool so we could see user entries that did not have
a corresponding user object, and this allows worksite maintainers to
remove them.
I can provide some diffs (for 2.7) if you or anyone else is interested. I
don't think the changes are destructive, in the case where other UDPs
and/or internal Sakai users are being used, so maybe it's worth a JIRA for
"showing non-existent user entries in worksites" or similar, and I'll post
them there.

If you're desparate and want to go via the db (at your own risk, no
guarantees or warranties provided, yadda yadda...) you can probably remove
users from worksites using:

delete from sakai_site_user where user_id = 'someuserid';
delete from sakai_realm_rl_gr where user_id = 'someuserid';

Of course this is a last-ditch solution and I'd test this carefully on a
copy of production before taking the plunge!



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> Hi all,
> My request is about live external/provided users. In my case, they come
> from LDAP.
> In the past, they were provided and added as participants to sites and
> own MyWorkspace if they logged in.
> Now they are not provided anymore but Sakai logs errors when loading the
> site they were subscribed to, such as :
> org.sakaiproject.site.util.SiteParticipantHelper -
> SiteParticipantHelper.prepareParticipants: user not defined xxxxxxxx
> I cannot unsubscribe them from the UI, because they're not provided
> anymore.
> Is there any other way to unsubscribe them than doing it directly in the
> database?
> If there's no other way, how should I do it in the database?
> Cheers,
> J-F
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