[Deploying Sakai] Urchin analytics?

Maurer, Christopher Wayne chmaurer at iupui.edu
Thu Oct 13 07:10:06 PDT 2011

Thanks for the feedback Peter.
We also use site stats, but I'm not certain that it provides the information that people are looking for (to be used outside of the system for more aggregate information).
Putting the tracker in the footer doesn't capture activity from inside the tool frame so that didn't seem like a sufficient solution.


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Hi Chris,

We have used Google Analytics for our Sakai 2.6 version at Yale, only on the home page of my Workspace.  I think it is best to put the Javascript at the footer part to avoid page load performance.  We have not put it on very pages.  Besides, there is a Sakai-contrib tool: SiteStats and we are currently running this tool on pilot mode.


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Anyone out there use urchin [1] or some other analytics package?  IU is looking to deploy urchin and wondered if anyone else had experience with it.  I've heard that umich is using it, but only on a small scale (just tracking hits against help docs?)
We were thinking about using it to track everything in sakai…is that wise?  Since we'd generate a ton of traffic are we likely to kill the server that is doing the tracking?
The current approach for the data collection was to add some javascript to head scripts.js in the setMainFrameHeight function, that way we'd be able to track pretty much everything.  Is that reasonable or does that sound like a bad idea?  That seemed like the simplest approach for getting the pages tracked compared to modifying every source file in each tool.
Anyone feedback from folks on these plans?


[1] - http://www.google.com/urchin/index.html
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