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I will keep a close watch at that Jira. Unfortunatley im not much of a coder myself :(

Anders Nordkvist
System administrator
University College of Skövde

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Hi Anders,

This would be possible with a bit of code. In the portal that renders the tool list, you could get it to retrieve a tool property (e.g. tool-class), the value of which is set to some CSS class. Then just output that class into the markup as well, and code up a class for it. This is what we do in uPortal.

I've raised this as a Jira as it should be trivial to implement:


On 17/11/2011, at 8:14 PM, Anders Nordkvist wrote:

Hi all!

Does anyone know if it's possible to use a variety of icons on tools in sakai (2.7.x)?
Lets say that you have several external link tools and several lessonbuilder pages, then it would be nice to have different link icons and maybe some kind of numbering icon (1,2,3) for lessonbuilder!

Anders Nordkvist
System administrator
University College of Skövde

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