[Deploying Sakai] For folks using load balancers...

Matthew Jones jonespm at umich.edu
Thu Nov 3 06:28:59 PDT 2011

Right, was in this thread. Sam was also using it.


We locally talked about a code/property change where you could specify
which header the real remote ip was in. This solution is already available
though. :)
 On Nov 3, 2011 9:25 AM, "Seth Theriault" <slt at columbia.edu> wrote:

> Maurer, Christopher Wayne wrote:
> > This isn't exactly a new problem for us, just thought I'd ask
> > others and see if maybe it's a configuration issue. Any calls
> > in the code for request.getRemoteAddress() always return the IP
> > of the load balancer.  We do pass the client's IP through in
> > the request header, so it's available, but we'd have to
> > specifically ask for it when we want to check for it.  Can you
> > tell either tomcat or the load balancer to do that so
> > getRemoteAddress() returns the IP of the client?  As an example
> > of the results of this, all the records in our sakai_session
> > table have the load balancer's IP in the session_ip column.
> > Just curious what others do here.
> I use this Tomcat valve locally:
> http://code.google.com/p/xebia-france/wiki/RemoteIpValve
> I mentioned it about a month ago on this list.
> Seth
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