[Deploying Sakai] For folks using load balancers...

Maurer, Christopher Wayne chmaurer at iupui.edu
Thu Nov 3 06:12:59 PDT 2011

This isn't exactly a new problem for us, just thought I'd ask others and see if maybe it's a configuration issue.
Any calls in the code for request.getRemoteAddress() always return the IP of the load balancer.  We do pass the client's IP through in the request header, so it's available, but we'd have to specifically ask for it when we want to check for it.  Can you tell either tomcat or the load balancer to do that so getRemoteAddress() returns the IP of the client?  As an example of the results of this, all the records in our sakai_session table have the load balancer's IP in the session_ip column.
Just curious what others do here.

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