[Deploying Sakai] Configuring CAS for auth, and Kerberos for WebDAV

Seth Theriault slt at columbia.edu
Wed May 4 06:51:34 PDT 2011

Martin B. Smith wrote:

> We have requireLocalAccount set to false. It looks like the 
> stock Kerberos provider got modified somewhere after the 2.6.0 
> release branch; we're about to upgrade to 2.7.x, where it looks 
> to be fairly different :).

By setting requireLocalAccount to false, you have put the stock 
provider into "directory" mode.

As for the 2.7 modifications, they are limited to:

- deprecation of the internal caching mechanism (SAK-10227)
- support for two-step authentication (off by default; SAK-10025)
- halt startup if rovider is improperly configured (SAK-16816)

and are mostly straightforward.


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