[Deploying Sakai] Polls tool problem - may be a data conversion issue?

Verity Allan vla22 at cam.ac.uk
Tue Aug 30 06:32:44 PDT 2011


We're in the process of upgrading our Sakai deployment from 2.5 to 2.7 at 
the moment. However, we've found a strange issue with the Polls tool:

All polls imported from 2.5 have "(awaiting options)" after them, as 
though the polls had not yet been completed. Also, after creating a new 
poll in 2.7  (which looked ok), I took the poll, and it immediately went 
into the 'awaiting options' state like the polls imported from 2.5.

I've not been able to find either a JIRA or a mention of this problem 
on-list, so if any of you have seen this before, please let us know. It 
looks like it might be a data conversion issue - I don't think we missed 
out any steps in our conversion (as the other tools we have seem to be 
OK), but we may have done!

(Possibly unrelated problem - when trying to view the Polls tool in the 
site I'd previously been testing as an access site member, I got an error. 
The stack trace showed a security exception, saying that I didn't have the 
privileges to view the poll. Presumably, this was because the poll was 
'awaiting options', and I wasn't a site admin. It may be that this is a 
result of the strange situation the Polls tool is in; it may be something 
else - it's a bit hard to diagnose at the moment.)

Any help much appreciated.


University of Cambridge

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