[Deploying Sakai] how to import lessonbuilder to an empty course

anders.nordqvist at his.se anders.nordqvist at his.se
Thu Aug 25 02:30:22 PDT 2011


I have a question regarding the tool lesson builder! I have recently installed it on our server and have read the documentation a lot. But can't seem to find anything about how to import the tool to another site!
I know there are some kind of kernel fixes (SAK-18616 and SAK-19686) but when I read the documentation It says that the fixes is about the duplicate function and copying an instance. Theres nothing about importing from one site to another! Should I still implement them to be able to import? When I try to import now nothing comes up when I chose a site with lessonbuilder and assignments to import from!

Best regards
Anders Nordkvist
System administrator
University College of Skövde
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