[Deploying Sakai] OAE UI Caching

Andrew Petro apetro at unicon.net
Fri Aug 19 13:07:25 PDT 2011


Here's where the code lives:


Modern uPortal ships using it (i.e., not just the forthcoming uPortal 4 
-- this is in uPortal 3.2 e.g.), so it should be pretty feasible to try 
it out in action.

I think Jen Bourey knows more about this code than anyone.  She's out of 
reach on a well-deserved camping trip at this time, but you might reach 
out to her about it if interested.  Eric Dalquist should also be able to 
speak authoritatively to that code.

I think the intent is that this is freestanding, re-usable, 
not-uPortal-specific infrastructure.  As in, to the extent that simple 
variations are needed to make this work well in Sakai 2.9, may be worth 
hearing about and pushing back into the resource server "product".


On 08/19/2011 03:53 PM, csev wrote:
> Andrew - where is that code?   Some of the links on that page are 
> broken.   I might want to add a simple variation of that to Sakai 2.9 
> - looks very cool.
> /Chuck
> On Aug 19, 2011, at 2:48 PM, Andrew Petro wrote:
>> For whatever it's worth:
>> Modern uPortal has a "Resource Serving Webapp" that compresses, computes
>> hashes on, and sets aggressive caching headers for, cacheable UI
>> content.  When items are changed, the hashes change, so the names
>> change, so browsers don't rely upon their caches.
>> As I understand it, it works well and, yes, borders on the magical.
>> https://wiki.jasig.org/display/UPM40/Using+the+Resource+Server
>> This is probably more technology that Sakai-OAE-as-product might
>> consider incorporating rather than technology to be grafted on by a
>> production adopter, but either way I hope you find it a worthwhile lead.
>> Andrew

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