[Deploying Sakai] OAE pilot support group

Clay Fenlason clay.fenlason at et.gatech.edu
Thu Aug 11 05:29:24 PDT 2011

As the OAE starts to go into larger-scale pilots in the coming year,
deployers (i.e. not the development teams) at the institutions
involved are comparing notes in a kind of support group. We have
periodic phone calls, but for on-list discussion I think it's best to
use the general Sakai community list for this kind of purpose [1]. The
cost of such a move is that readers of this list may be confused if
they can't distinguish OAE from CLE issues, but that seems a better
price to pay than siloing off a new OAE channel. I might just
recommend that 'OAE' appear in the subject line for all OAE posts, and
see how it goes.

I'd promised to get the notes from the latest call into Confluence,
and since this call was a review of where each school is in relation
to their pilot deployment concerns, it's also a fair introduction of
the group to others who may follow along from a distance:


So, fair warning: I plan to send every email targeting the OAE pilot
support group to this list rather than use a private channel. I'll
urge other participants to do the same.


[1] The community list is called 'production,' and if you're not on it
you can sign up at:


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