[Deploying Sakai] Configuring postfix and Sakai

Leon Kolchinsky lkolchin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 17:34:04 PDT 2010


I'm trying to configure postfix and Sakai to run nicely with "Email Archive"
Sending e-mails to a new user is working(as per
Sending e-mail to "Email Archive" address  via telnetting 8025 locally is

What is not working is sending e-mail to "Email Archive" address from
I've set MX record for this server.
I've also set "Email Archive" to accept e-mails from anyone for now.
I can't see any errors in the logs too.
I've also tried this -
http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.cms.sakai.devel/6139/ for postfix config
and couldn't get it work.

Any help please?

This is what I've added to main.cf:
# For Sakai
myorigin = $myhostname
relayhost = smtp.server.com

virtual_transport = smtp:localhost:8025
virtual_mailbox_domains = servername.serverdomain.com
transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport_maps

This is what I have in sakai.properties:

# smtp server for outgoing emails
smtp at org.sakaiproject.email.api.EmailService=smtp.server.com

# dns addresses used by James for incoming email
smtp.dns.1 = DNSIP1
smtp.dns.2 = DNSIP2

# SMTP port on which James runs.  Default is 25.  Recommend running on 8025,
and using a standard mailer on 25 to forward mail to Sakai.
smtp.port = 8025

# flag to enable or disable James for incoming email (true | false)
smtp.enabled = true

# email address to send errors caught by the portal, and user bug reports in
portal.error.email=Leon.K at server.com

# email address used as the "from" address for any email sent by Worksite
Setup tool or Site Info tool
setup.request=noreply at sakai-stg.serverdomain.com

# send an email to the user when the user is added

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