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John Leasia jleasia at umich.edu
Mon Mar 29 05:33:19 PDT 2010

glad you have it figured out -
I don't know of much documentation on message channels. Might be some in 
confluence but nothing that I know of specifically on it. I just know 
the format for announcements in general
and that the motd (announcement tool configured to the motd channel) is 
treated specially by the motd tool itself. I guess the way you verify it 
works is to hook it up and try it out - but I think you have it now.


Sri Kota wrote:
> John,
> Great! Thank you for taking the effort to work through this with me. I 
> did not know at all about realms and roles. So this exchange has been 
> really useful.
> BTW, what is it that the channel expects? Is it the path to some file 
> or something else? How can I verify and be sure that I have the right 
> value in there? It does look pretty straightforward for the MOTD tool 
> (because it is pre-filled), but not quite so for the announcement 
> tool. Any DOCUMENTATION explaining channels (especially for 
> announcements)?
> Thanks a ton,
> -Sri
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 4:06 PM, John Leasia <jleasia at umich.edu 
> <mailto:jleasia at umich.edu>> wrote:
>     I also tried adding a 2nd announcement tool to the admin site (the
>     first is on the page named MOTD), and called it motd2, and gave it
>     a channel of
>     /announcement/channel/!admin/motd2
>     and then on the gateway added a 2nd sakai.motd tool (not an
>     announcement tool) and called its page motd2, and set its channel
>     to the same as above.
>     That worked too - the motd tool displays announcements with less
>     UI so it looks cleaner.
>     Or you could add a web content tool pointed to a file somewhere.
>     John
>     John Leasia wrote:
>>     Oh,
>>     well then you'd need to add the announcement tool to the gateway
>>     site, and set it's channel to the channel of the Announcement
>>     tool you're using, and
>>     add the .anon role to the site where the announcement tool is,
>>     and give the .anon role annc.read permission,
>>     and give the .anon role .read permission on the !gateway site.
>>     Adding a role for a site is done using the Admin realms tool, and
>>     once added, you can set the permissions with the realms tool or
>>     go to the tool and click the permission link.
>>     I did that for http://qa8-us.sakaiproject.org/ as an example
>>     John
>>     Sri Kota wrote:
>>>     John,
>>>     I am working with 2.6.2 as well. I am convinced we are not
>>>     talking about the same thing here. I do not have access to your
>>>     site and don't need one. I checked your Gateway (Home page) by
>>>     striping out the last part of your URL. I don't see an
>>>     announcements tool in there. I understand how the tool can be
>>>     incorporated in a page on a site: something you are explaining
>>>     here. After the tool is set up, I am trying to display it's
>>>     contents on the Gateway.
>>>     Any idea folks?
>>>     Thanks again,
>>>     -Sri
>>>     On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:59 PM, John Leasia <jleasia at umich.edu
>>>     <mailto:jleasia at umich.edu>> wrote:
>>>         The annc2 is just whatever you want it to be - just the made
>>>         up name for some other channel to identify it as different
>>>         from the default channel for the announcement tool in that
>>>         site.
>>>         I am talking 2.x here - what I said before is working for me
>>>         in 2.6.2.
>>>         I have 2 announcement tools in a site, I call them
>>>         Announcement and TestAnnc. Announcement has a blank channel
>>>         field. TestAnnc tool has
>>>         /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2
>>>         /annc2
>>>         for the channel - could be
>>>         /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2 /xxx
>>>         or
>>>         /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2
>>>         /specialannouncements
>>>         or whatever.
>>>         This is for the sakai.announcements tool.
>>>         I added the 2nd tool to a site by searching in the Admin
>>>         Sites tool for its siteid
>>>         clicked on the site
>>>         clicked on the page
>>>         clicked on the tool
>>>         added
>>>         /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2
>>>         /annc2
>>>         as the channel.
>>>         Then 2 different sets of announcements show up in the site -
>>>         one set for the default Announcement tool and a 2nd separate
>>>         set for the TestAnnc tool, where announcements are made in
>>>         each tool.
>>>         Seems to work ok on QA8 - see the site
>>>         http://qa8-us.sakaiproject.org/portal/site/f62a3df2-4c9d-4500-bafc-9618e82815eb
>>>         for example
>>>         A blank field I am pretty sure defaults to
>>>         /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main
>>>         (where <siteid> is replaced with whatever the site's id is)
>>>         because that is what is noted in the announcement.new event
>>>         John
>>>         Sri Kota wrote:
>>>>         John,
>>>>         I appreciate your response. I have been trying various
>>>>         values for "channel" with no luck. I am sort of guessing
>>>>         the value based on what I see for the motd tool.
>>>>         /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main : does not work.
>>>>         /announcement/channel/<siteid>/annc2: what is annc2 here?
>>>>         It's obviously not the siteid, then what is it? Is it the
>>>>         toolid? I have tried the toolid and it does not work.
>>>>         Any documentation on how to set channel values?
>>>>         Thanks,
>>>>         -Sri
>>>>         On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM, John Leasia
>>>>         <jleasia at umich.edu <mailto:jleasia at umich.edu>> wrote:
>>>>             Sri,
>>>>             The Announcement tool has a property - channel - that
>>>>             can be set to something other than the default, so that
>>>>             you could have a 2nd announcement tool in a site with
>>>>             its own set of announcements. The property is accessed
>>>>             via the Admin Sites tool - edit the site (search for
>>>>             its siteid), edit pages, then edit the tool and a list
>>>>             of tool property fields is shown. Blank is the default
>>>>             for the site, which is I think
>>>>             /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main
>>>>             but you could type something in there different - like
>>>>             /announcement/channel/<siteid>/annc2
>>>>             You could add (via Admin Site tool - isn't possible
>>>>             through the UI to add a 2nd announcement tool) a 2nd
>>>>             Annc tool and put in a different channel and call the
>>>>             tool 'Really Important Announcements' or whatever.
>>>>             I'd think you could add a sakai.motd tool to the
>>>>             gateway, and change it's channel to display the channel
>>>>             of the 2nd annc tool in whatever site you want. Might
>>>>             be that the 2nd announcement tool announcements need to
>>>>             be public - not sure.
>>>>             John
>>>>             Sri Kota wrote:
>>>>>             Hello Folks,
>>>>>             I am trying to get my site Announcements onto the
>>>>>             Gateway with no luck.
>>>>>             I created sakai.announcements , but can't get the
>>>>>             announcements fed in. I'm more or less sure that this
>>>>>             is because of the "channel" value. Does anyone know
>>>>>             what value "channel" should take?
>>>>>             Eg.: For MOTD, the value is:
>>>>>             /announcement/channel/!site/motd . Simillarly, what is
>>>>>             the channel value for announcements? In general, where
>>>>>             do I look-up these values?
>>>>>             Is there something else I am missing?
>>>>>             P.S.: I do have "Public" announcements in one of my sites.
>>>>>             Thanks for looking,
>>>>>             -Sri
>>>>>             -- 
>>>>>             - Sri
>>>>>             Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
>>>>         -- 
>>>>         - Sri
>>>>         Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
>>>     -- 
>>>     - Sri
>>>     Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
> -- 
> - Sri
> Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
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