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John Leasia jleasia at umich.edu
Fri Mar 26 12:51:51 PDT 2010

well then you'd need to add the announcement tool to the gateway site, 
and set it's channel to the channel of the Announcement tool you're 
using, and
add the .anon role to the site where the announcement tool is, and give 
the .anon role annc.read permission,
and give the .anon role .read permission on the !gateway site.

Adding a role for a site is done using the Admin realms tool, and once 
added, you can set the permissions with the realms tool or go to the 
tool and click the permission link.

I did that for http://qa8-us.sakaiproject.org/ as an example


Sri Kota wrote:
> John,
> I am working with 2.6.2 as well. I am convinced we are not talking 
> about the same thing here. I do not have access to your site and don't 
> need one. I checked your Gateway (Home page) by striping out the last 
> part of your URL. I don't see an announcements tool in there. I 
> understand how the tool can be incorporated in a page on a site: 
> something you are explaining here. After the tool is set up, I am 
> trying to display it's contents on the Gateway.
> Any idea folks?
> Thanks again,
> -Sri
> On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:59 PM, John Leasia <jleasia at umich.edu 
> <mailto:jleasia at umich.edu>> wrote:
>     The annc2 is just whatever you want it to be - just the made up
>     name for some other channel to identify it as different from the
>     default channel for the announcement tool in that site.
>     I am talking 2.x here - what I said before is working for me in 2.6.2.
>     I have 2 announcement tools in a site, I call them Announcement
>     and TestAnnc. Announcement has a blank channel field. TestAnnc
>     tool has
>     /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2 /annc2
>     for the channel - could be
>     /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2 /xxx
>     or
>     /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2
>     /specialannouncements
>     or whatever.
>     This is for the sakai.announcements tool.
>     I added the 2nd tool to a site by searching in the Admin Sites
>     tool for its siteid
>     clicked on the site
>     clicked on the page
>     clicked on the tool
>     added /announcement/channel/534d660d-a63c-4b2e-00a6-6ca64bc0d6c2
>     /annc2
>     as the channel.
>     Then 2 different sets of announcements show up in the site - one
>     set for the default Announcement tool and a 2nd separate set for
>     the TestAnnc tool, where announcements are made in each tool.
>     Seems to work ok on QA8 - see the site
>     http://qa8-us.sakaiproject.org/portal/site/f62a3df2-4c9d-4500-bafc-9618e82815eb
>     for example
>     A blank field I am pretty sure defaults to
>     /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main
>     (where <siteid> is replaced with whatever the site's id is)
>     because that is what is noted in the announcement.new event
>     John
>     Sri Kota wrote:
>>     John,
>>     I appreciate your response. I have been trying various values for
>>     "channel" with no luck. I am sort of guessing the value based on
>>     what I see for the motd tool.
>>     /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main : does not work.
>>     /announcement/channel/<siteid>/annc2: what is annc2 here? It's
>>     obviously not the siteid, then what is it? Is it the toolid? I
>>     have tried the toolid and it does not work.
>>     Any documentation on how to set channel values?
>>     Thanks,
>>     -Sri
>>     On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:00 AM, John Leasia <jleasia at umich.edu
>>     <mailto:jleasia at umich.edu>> wrote:
>>         Sri,
>>         The Announcement tool has a property - channel - that can be
>>         set to something other than the default, so that you could
>>         have a 2nd announcement tool in a site with its own set of
>>         announcements. The property is accessed via the Admin Sites
>>         tool - edit the site (search for its siteid), edit pages,
>>         then edit the tool and a list of tool property fields is
>>         shown. Blank is the default for the site, which is I think
>>         /announcement/channel/<siteid>/main
>>         but you could type something in there different - like
>>         /announcement/channel/<siteid>/annc2
>>         You could add (via Admin Site tool - isn't possible through
>>         the UI to add a 2nd announcement tool) a 2nd Annc tool and
>>         put in a different channel and call the tool 'Really
>>         Important Announcements' or whatever.
>>         I'd think you could add a sakai.motd tool to the gateway, and
>>         change it's channel to display the channel of the 2nd annc
>>         tool in whatever site you want. Might be that the 2nd
>>         announcement tool announcements need to be public - not sure.
>>         John
>>         Sri Kota wrote:
>>>         Hello Folks,
>>>         I am trying to get my site Announcements onto the Gateway
>>>         with no luck.
>>>         I created sakai.announcements , but can't get the
>>>         announcements fed in. I'm more or less sure that this is
>>>         because of the "channel" value. Does anyone know what value
>>>         "channel" should take?
>>>         Eg.: For MOTD, the value is:
>>>         /announcement/channel/!site/motd . Simillarly, what is the
>>>         channel value for announcements? In general, where do I
>>>         look-up these values?
>>>         Is there something else I am missing?
>>>         P.S.: I do have "Public" announcements in one of my sites.
>>>         Thanks for looking,
>>>         -Sri
>>>         -- 
>>>         - Sri
>>>         Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
>>     -- 
>>     - Sri
>>     Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
> -- 
> - Sri
> Sarvē Janā Sukhinō Bhavantu
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