[Deploying Sakai] MT deprecation recommendations for 2.7 (fwd)

Seth Theriault slt at columbia.edu
Fri Mar 12 09:10:30 PST 2010


Here are some current proposals people might wish to be aware 


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Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 13:25:04 +0000
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Subject: MT deprecation recommendations for 2.7

Product Council,

The maintenance team (MT) has discussed what should be deprecated for
2.7 over the past 2 weeks. These are recommendations for the Sakai 2.7

When we say "remove from the build" we mean that the tools should
remain in the checkout (exports) but they will not be built and
deployed. Schools which need these tools can uncomment their entries
in the main pom file.
When we say "remove from the release" we mean the tool would not be in
the build or checkout. It would optionally be moved over to the
contrib space after the 2.7 release is complete.

Here are our recommendations:

1) OSP reports and warehouse tools - OSP is outside of the maintenance
team coverage and parts of it are beyond our capacity to maintain. We
recommend these be removed from the build.

2) Mailtool - This has already been deprecated and has a number of
outstanding issues and no maintainers. We recommend it be removed from
the release. Mailsender will be added to the experimental build as a
replacement option but not enabled in a default build.

3) Blog 1 (blogger) - This is not being maintained, has many
outstanding issues, and there are 2 possible replacement options. We
recommend it be removed from the release. We are still reviewing the
replacement options (blog 2 wicket and blogwow) and will have a firm
recommendation next week.

4) Profile 1 tool - Profile 2 is already in place as the replacement
for 2.7 however there are still dependencies on Profile 1 tool in the
codebase. MT will remove these. We recommend the profile 1 tool be
removed from the release.

5) Presentation tool - This has been deprecated and is not being
maintained. We recommend this be removed from the release.

6) JCR - The JCR/jackrabbit module in the kernel is a maintenance
burden and does not appear to be used. It increases the memory profile
and complexity of the kernel even when not in use. We recommend it be
removed from the release. JCR was meant as a possible replacement for
the content hosting service but this was not completed and there is no
one to maintain this code.

7) Static covers - The covers are out of date (missing methods) and
not being maintained. Use of these has been discouraged since 2006. We
recommend these be marked as deprecated. We will also send a note to
the dev list to discourage their use clearly. The MT (and others) will
replace usage of these as they are encountered.

8) Kernel utils - These homegrown utils tend to duplicate other open
source libraries. They also have issues in the way they are
implemented and sometimes even duplicate their own functionality. We
recommend the duplicative ones be marked as deprecated. MT (and
others) will replace these with usage of open source libraries as it
is encountered. Some kernel utils will be updated to use the open
source libraries by the MT. MT will also send a note to the dev list
to discourage the usage of deprecated kernel utils.

Thank you
MT lead

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