[Deploying Sakai] MySql binary to File Server Conversion

Nawaz Azam nazam at ccsnh.edu
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Hello Steve,
  Thank for the reply.
sakai.home = /opt/tomcat/sakai/
it did create the directories there and content folder as well by itself. 
   for the 404 error this is one of  the url
Just for now as a test I have given permissions to everyone to write to the directory /opt and all the contents inside it. Please note if I save any new resources those are showing up there now and work fine. The problem is with old blob data that is in Content_resource_body_binary table. I looked through the catalina.out file and found the following. It seems to be looking for the xml files while may be it should look for blobs to convert to files.
INFO: Migration of data to the Binary format will be performed by this node  (2010-03-04 08:40:59,683 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.DbContentService)
Conversion of the ContentHostingService database tables is complete.
Using new filesize column
 (2010-03-04 08:40:59,748 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.DbContentService)
INFO: init(): site quota: 1048576 body path: /opt/tomcat/sakai//content volumes: /files,  (2010-03-04 08:40:59,861 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.BaseContentService)
INFO: convertToFile (2010-03-04 08:40:59,996 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.DbContentService)
WARN: convertToFile: null xml : /group/PortfolioAdmin/system/twoColumn.xml (2010-03-04 08:41:00,066 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.DbContentService)
WARN: convertToFile: null xml : /group/PortfolioAdmin/system/freeFormRenderer.xml (2010-03-04 08:41:00,066 main_org.sakaiproject.content.impl.DbContentService)


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What is the value of your sakai.home variable?

It's possible you need a slash between it and the directory so that the files are written out correctly, although it did create the directories...
e.g. bodyPath at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService = ${sakai.home}/content

Are the permissions set correctly so that the Tomcat user can write there?

Also, what is the URL of the files that give a 404 (you can omit the server name).


On 05/03/2010, at 1:19 AM, Nawaz Azam wrote:

	Hello Everyone,
	               We have an instance of Sakai 2.5.3 on Centos(5.4) and MySql version 5.0.45 on another Centos(5.4). The database is getting larger( 1.5 GB) so for  and I found out that it would be better to store content into the file server rather than blobs in the database.  There is plenty(400 GB)  of space on file server.  I followed the directions on the following page.
	these are the steps I took.
	bodyPath at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService = ${sakai.home}content
	bodyVolumes at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService = /files
	convertToFile at org.sakaiproject.content.api.ContentHostingService = true
	The webapp works fine. When you go to the resources of anyone of the many course sites the file names show up but your get error 404 when you click on it. I checked the file folder and it was only 128K. Which I was expecting  to be atleast 300MB or more. I am attaching some file server screen shots may be help to see what is wrong.
	I greatly appreciate your help with this matter.
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