[Deploying Sakai] Migration from Vista 8.0.3 to Sakai

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The University of Florida is making that move. I mention this for general information because we have already been in contact with Western Michigan.

We launched our pilot this last May (Summer A) and are moving toward full production for August (Fall). We have over 12,000 courses in Vista (though not all will need to be migrated). We have hired a team of student employees who handle migration manually (i.e. WebDAV movement of the file structure and manual re-assembly of the course in Sakai). In our experience, most courses actually do not need "migration" because they contain only transient, semester-specific information (syllabus, announcements, grades, etc); so they only need a new "shell" with corresponding tools enabled. To anticipate a question: we have a migration manager on our full time staff who makes copies of each Vista course needing migration and students work out of the copy so they never have access to any student data in Vista.

Our target is to complete migration and be out of Vista by the end of May 2011 (which, coincidentally, is when our current license expires). Funny how that worked out ;-) 


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I have question from Western Michigan University asking whether not any schools have migrated from BB 8 to Sakai?  Has anyone done so and if so what migration strategy did you employ?




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