[Deploying Sakai] Configuration in Sakai 2 (was Re: [Building Sakai] What do you think about Config Viewer?)

Jean-Francois Leveque jean-francois.leveque at upmc.fr
Fri Jan 8 02:59:17 PST 2010

It seems lots of things are wished for. I wonder whether we can do all 
for 2.8 or not.

I don't know anything about Sakai 3 configuration but this input might 
be useful.

The only member of the product council we got input from so far is Noah. 
I'm adding this mail to the management list in case managers and other 
members of the product council might want to contribute to the debate.

Here is a try to summarize and contribute further.

Properties :
- Categorize settings [I suggest tool with option of multiple tools]
- Differentiate settings: Dynamic or Startup (propagation may be difficult)
- Document settings with valid data types/ranges:
   - new tool.properties file deployed per tool and/or centralized 
(extension of tool registration's tools.xml or config tool)
   - Document Startup properties via annotations
- Keep tools bean properties names as is
- Use tool registration id as prefix for tool properties
- Define base name for non-tool properties (like portal)
- Define base name for cross-tool properties [I suggest shared]

Configuration mechanism:
- Consider http://commons.apache.org/configuration/
- Log update of Dynamic properties
- Provide cluster-wide propagation
- Add a control panel (only place for overriding properties)
   - collapsible tree by category
   - some settings not editable or viewable (flags: hidden, read only) 
[I suggest default read only for Startup properties and default hidden 
for properties some of us put in security.properties]
   - differentiate live changes from static configuration
   - [I suggest adding volatile live changes if the default is persistent]
- Listener mecanism
- Authoritative configuration through Dynamic property (statics 
sakai/local/security/placeholder?, persistence of live changes?)

How do we document the non-tool and cross-tool properties?

Do we all agree database authority should only work on dynamic properties?

I may have missed or misunderstood things. Feel free to correct me 
and/or contribute further.

The next question is who will work on this?


Jean-Francois Leveque

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