[Deploying Sakai] Commons-DBCP upgrade to 1.3

Dunstall, Christopher CDunstall at csu.edu.au
Thu Dec 2 20:59:42 PST 2010

Hi all,

We have a situation where we want to use Commons DBCP 1.3 in Sakai 2.4.x but not upgrade the entirety of the code base. We have a secondary DB call in our Group Provider (as a temporary measure until our Middleware solution is up to speed) and it requires the validationQueryTimeout parameter (new in 1.3).

Due to the scope and depth that Commons DBCP 1.2.1 is used in 2.4.x, we don't have time nor the approval (at this stage) to upgrade it system-wide, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a way that we could just configure Spring to use this 1.3 in just the Group Provider and not system wide?

If not, has anyone looked at upgrading (in any sakai version) to 1.3 system wide and found any problems with old code?


Chris Dunstall | Service Support - Applications
Technology Integration/OLE Virtual Team
Division of Information Technology | Charles Sturt University | Bathurst, NSW

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