[Deploying Sakai] VM

Harish Narayanan harish.mlists at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 08:49:20 PDT 2010

On 8/17/10 11:18 PM, RPerkins at mbsbooks.com wrote:
> I'm having a heck of a time getting sakai up and running. Does anyone out
> there have a Virtual Appliance of a working copy?
> Also what is the difference between the sakai-demo and compiling it from
> source. Other than the obvious, having the code. What features does it
> lack? Can it connect to mysql?

I don't have an Appliance to offer, but could you point out what sort of
problems you've been running into? Perhaps I can lend some assistance.
I've spent the past days getting Sakai working on Mac OS X and later
CentOS, and everything seems to work well after a bit of prodding.


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