[Deploying Sakai] UFP Upgrade (2.6.x -> 2.7.0)

Nuno Fernandes nuno at ufp.edu.pt
Mon Aug 9 03:52:21 PDT 2010

Hi all,

Just a follow up to report that we have successfully upgraded our Sakai
instance (UFPUV <https://elearning.ufp.pt>) from 2.6.x to 2.7.x (2.7.0
copy). Besides the Sakai upgrade, we also upgraded several other services:

   - MySQL 4.1.15 => 5.1.48
   - Java 1.5.18 => 1.6.21
   - Tomcat 5.5.26 => 5.5.30

The full upgrade took a long time (about 7 hours), where most of the time
was spent on MySQL upgrade (~95%) and Profile2 pictures conversion (~5%).
Until now, there are no known issues.
We will have an additional maintenance window this month for increasing our
SAN space, apply Sakai bugfixes and, hopefully, upgrade the BBB server to
0.70 (if 0.70 CentOS packages get released meanwhile).

*Additional notes/changes*

   - *Tools removed from build:* T&Q, OSP, Blog, Linktool, Post'em, Reports,
   - *Tools added to build:* BBB 1.0.x, NewsFeeds, Tasklist, BlogWOW,
   Markup, Melete, JForum, Mneme, Image Gallery, MailSender, Elluminate Sakai
   Bridge, other UFP custom tools.
   - *Indie projects:* all, having higher versions for SiteStats
   (2.2-SNAPSHOT) and Profile2 (1.3.x branch).

*Apache + mod_proxy:*
Based on the experience on the previous months, we have changed our
configuration parameter "nofailOver" from On to Off:

   - ProxyPass / balancer://sakaiCluster/ stickysession=JSESSIONID
   nofailover=Off maxattempts=5 timeout=30

This will redirect users from a stopped/deadlocked Tomcat to a working
Tomcat. Users will loose their session but will be able to still access
Sakai as they automatically redirected to another node. Using
"nofailOver=On", users would get an http error and wouldn't be able to log
in on other server (unless they have tech knowledge and are aware that
restarting the browser will allow them to access other server).

*UFP Production Information:*

*2.6.x -> 2.7.x Upgrade Information:*


Nuno Fernandes  .  { Analyst/Programmer }

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nfgrilo }
|| work . { Universidade Fernando Pessoa  |  Praça 9 de Abril, 349  |
4249-004 Porto }
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