[Deploying Sakai] Sakai 2.5 using 2.6 db schema

leonardo jr escorido escorido at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 22:42:16 PDT 2010

Can we use a db (using Sakai 2.6 db schema) for a Sakai 2.5 instance?

This may sound odd but this is the scenario.

We had a Sakai 2.5 instance. Instead of migrating it to 2.6, we installed a fresh Sakai 2.6 in another tomcat. Made a copy of the 2.5 db, ran the migration scripts, and point the Sakai 2.6 instance to the new db. We kept both the 2.5 instance and its db. Now, the 2.6 installation is running and being used. 

The structure is: 
-both the 2.5 and the 2.6 db are in the same Mysql instance
-Sakai 2.5 and Sakai 2.6 installation are in different tomcat server
-All are in the same machine.

But just in case we need to revert back to the 2.5, can the Sakai 2.5 installation use the current db (w/c has the 2.6 schema) ? We need to use the 2.6 db because it has the changes on the db since the migration.

Will be glad to hear from an expert or knowledgeable opinion regarding this.


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