[Deploying Sakai] Search 1.2 beta01 released

David Horwitz david.horwitz at uct.ac.za
Sun Oct 18 08:22:27 PDT 2009

Hi All,

The latest framework release ahead of 2.7 is the search service. Search
1.2-beta01 features:

Upgrade to the latest Lucene release (2.9.0) - SAK-17105
Store digested documents separately to index - SAK-16034
Use of POI to digest OOXML docs SAK-13752

A full list of fixes in the release can be seen here.

The release site is at:

*2.6 Release
*As UCT put this code in production this afternoon we have also created
a post-2.6 branch and a release targeted for 2.6 code:


Release tag:
NOTE: *The release tag and binaries don't include the search adaptor for
mail-archive. This was relocated to the mail-archive in trunk to
rationalize searches dependencies on non kernel services. The branch
does however include the adaptor


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