[Deploying Sakai] tomcat and default keystore password

Grossman,John E john.grossman at mdanderson.org
Fri Oct 2 06:15:13 PDT 2009

In your SSL connector element in server.xml is it possible that your
keyalias and keystoreFile attributes were changed when you deployed?

On 10/1/09 7:47 PM, "Jon Gorrono" <jpgorrono at ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> I am hoping to find someone else who has seen this symptom, if you
> have, please call out.
> In short: After restarting tomcat after one 24 period of runtime,
> tomcat no longer understands how to use a keystore password (for ssl
> port) other than the default.
> longer: on Wed at about noon my time, we deployed a test tag to out
> test cluster.... it was the good old days
> on Thursday at about the same time we bounced the cluster nodes (all
> but one) to deploy a new workspace.info.url (that's from memory)
> property and the ssl port connector would not install saying the
> password was wrong or the keystore was mucked with.
> checked the keystore with keytool and everything is as it was the day before
> On the one remaining node without the prop change, we bounced it just
> to see what would happen... same thing
> tried changing the passwords for keystore and the cluster's cert
> private key and changing this passwd in server.xml.... nada
> there were no system patches in the interim, nor any apparent changes
> to the size and 'last touch' date of the keystore file or any config
> files, etc.
> What 'worked' was to remove any ref to passwords in the server.xml
> connector tag and let it assume the default.
> still broken FMPOV, but the servers are running.
> Anyone having flashbacks?

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